Meet Victor Davila

A small business owner and President of the Forest Park Civic Association, Victor is passionate about Springfield and Forest Park.

Victor is a small business owner here in Springfield, he's a minister of The Eucharist at Holy Name Church, a Lions Club member and a delegate to the 2014 and 2017 State Democratic Convention. Victor is also a proud member of the Ward 6 Democratic Committee, and Vice-Chair of the Springfield Democratic Committee.

Victor is a graduate from Springfield Central High School and from Westfield State College. He holds a double bachelors degree in Political Science Economics.

Victor was a volunteer with the Forest Park Rangers in Forest Park where he attended the Part Time Police Officer Academy (SPO). Victor is also a certified Paramedic in Massachusetts. Victor has also worked in  Emergency Medical Services in Springfield.  Victor knows the challenges we face, and he has the energy to solve them.

As a Paramedic, Victor knows that we need to enhance public safety and ensure that our Police and Firemen and women have the tools they need to keep all of us safe. 

Victor had been married to his wife Sonia for 14 years. They live on Forest Park with their canine friends Romeo and Rocky.

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Victor needs your support to build a winning campaign. From knocking doors to making calls, hosting a lawn sign or talking to your friends. You can help make the difference.

Victor at Campaign Kick off with supporters

Victor at Campaign Kick off with supporters